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North Side Sox Podcast 21: South Side Cubs

Sara Sanchez from Bleed Cubbie Blue joins us for the most audacious podcast crossover in recent history

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox
Crouching Craig, Hidden Problems: Maybe Kimbrel shouldn’t pitch in an inning that isn’t the ninth. Just saying.
Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the South Side leg of the Crosstown Classic. Our neighbors to the North head down to Guaranteed Rate Field this weekend for a three-game set that will be sure to thrill the masses. Our beloved White Sox look to claim the coveted Crosstown Cup, something I’m not sure even exists any longer, at least physically.

Though the history of the intra-city rivalry has been filled with cheap jabs and sneers from both sides of town, we’ve definitely noticed that things are a little different this year. Joining in on this observation and adding further insight is our friend Sara Sanchez, from our sister site Bleed Cubbie Blue.

  • There are plenty of frustrations on both sides of town, but for different reasons. Sam and Janice discuss the feast-or-famine trends with the White Sox offense, while Sara lambasts the Cubs front office for a horrendous trade deadline.
  • It’s been a while since a good ol’-fashioned Crosstown trade; the trio examines Craig Kimbrel, Codi Heuer, and Nick Madrigal, as well as a brief retrospective on the José Quintana trade.
  • Where does Madrigal fit into the Cubs’ infield, and the Cubs’ future?
  • Has Kimbrel been misused on the South Side? Sara weighs in, having watched plenty of Cubs and Red Sox baseball.
  • What’s at stake for both ballclubs in this series, besides the collective mental well-being of both fan bases?
  • In the spirit of friendship, Sam, Janice, and Sara share what they love about the other side of town.

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