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Sharing Sox Podcast 50: Beat the Schlubs Edition

And all that we learned from 14 games against good teams

This week SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan again joins his son, Will, as a west coast correspondent, and they take a look at the latest tough two-week segment of the White Sox schedule. Well, OK, the only tough two-week segment of the White Sox schedule.

The two have spoken often as to how this stretch would show just how good (or not) the Sox are, and guess what! It showed pretty much nothing, at least on a team level.

That’s in part because a 7-7 split doesn’t demonstrate much, but also because all four of the series in question had oddities. The White Sox were missing Yasmani Grandal the whole time, Carlos Rodón much of the time and Tim Anderson for a few games; the Yankees were missing pretty much their entire team; the Sox nearly killed the A’s best pitcher in the second inning of the second game, leading to a devastated opponent; the Rays handed the White Sox one game with uncharacteristically horrible defense and then first Dallas Keuchel and then the entire Sox staff decided to return the kindness doubly; and the Toronto series was more boom-and-bust than a gold rush.

Which brings us to That Other Team in Town. Will it be a sweep for the White Sox? Will it merely be two out of three? Will the Sox fulfill Will’s prediction of one game with a five-dinger barrage?

Of course, there’s still time to talk about the wonderfulness of the starting pitchers (mostly), the horribleness of the relievers (mostly), and to celebrate not only the return of Yasmani Grandal, but the fact it means we won’t have to watch Zack Collins try to play baseball any more.

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