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White Sox Earn 2021 Crosstown Cup with 17-13 Win Over Cubs: What?

I repeat: what?

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
Daddy’s home.
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Well, I thought the small fire that started in my kitchen was going to be the worst thing that happened today, but the first inning was ROUGH.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because it is the same thing I wrote six days ago when Dallas Keuchel also gave up three runs in the first inning. Except this time he gave up five with a sixth tacked on thanks to a throwing error by César Hernández. As my dog says, WOOF.

The White Sox put up one in the bottom of the first off a leadoff double by TA and an RBI single by the RBI King. The Sox loaded the bases but an infield fly for Yaz and a strikeout for Hernandez left the three stranded.

Don’t worry, sharknado, I did so you didn’t have to.

Keuchel was taken out of the second after a leadoff single to Frank Schwindel and a strike to Patrick Wisdom (have we ever na na na na’d our own pitcher, because this would be the time). ReyLo came in to finish off Wisdom, and out No. 2 came as Schwindel was caught stealing. ReyLo ended the inning with a strikeout to Matt Duffy.

From there, the White Sox offense didn’t look much better, but King Rey was lights out in the top of the third.

The White Sox offense came alive in the bottom of the third with back-to-back doubles by Luis Robert and José Abreu, making that José’s second RBI of the game. Moncada drove in another with a bloop to center (he’s good, just stop), halving the deficit. And then, just like that ...

It’s a whole new ball game. Two more reached base following an Andrew Vaughn HBP and a Tim Anderson ... WALK?! And then the White Sox took the lead following probably the most embarrassing error by a shortstop ever. And Eloy drove in two more, making it 9-6.

ReyLo shut it down again in the top of the fifth, and the Sox poured on four more with Robert, Moncada, and Yaz RBIs putting them WELL into double digits. The inning ended the way many innings seem to end this year, a Leury García ground out with RISP.

Lasik López retired another three in the top of the sixth, for five scoreless innings (late Cy Young candidate anybody? (kidding for the comments ... maybe)).

In the top of the seventh, Mike Wright gave up a solo HR to Michael Hermosillo. If you don’t know who either of those guys are, that’s fine, it doesn’t matter, because the White Sox were still up by six. By the bottom of the seventh, the White Sox were back to double the Cubs’ total thanks to an Andrew Vaughn RBI. Jake Lamb came in to pinch-hit for Tim Anderson, and he popped out to Andrew Romine, who actually caught the ball this time.

Crochet came in in the top of the eighth, inheriting two base runners from Wright and giving up three runs on Ian Happ and Jason Hayward doubles. Crochet closed out the inning with the Sox still up, 14-10. At this point, many White Sox fans were asking, what is happening?

And then, just like that ... it’s a brand new ball game. Well, not really, but if this also sounds familiar it’s because Yasmani Grandal hit ANOTHER three-run homer.

That bat drop? I’m not sweating, you’re sweating.

Think this game was over? Think again. In the top of the ninth, Kimbrel gave up a solo HR to Wisdom, a walk to Matt Duffy, and a two-run HR to Ian Happ, making it 17-13.

And finally, FINALLY, after over FOUR HOURS, the 2021 Crosstown Cup belongs in the hands of its rightful owners, the Chicago White Sox.

Thank you for attending the Yasmani & ReyLo Show, have a good night.