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Meet the Players: Di Billick

Di Billick/South Side Sox

Di Billick, a fourth generation South Sider, is an actor, comedian, writer, and expired model. She’s now living on the north side with her husband and two dogs, and making intense eye contact with anyone wearing Good Guys gear, in the hopes they can have a conversation about it.

She once felt like her skin was going to peel off at a Chicago Cubs commercial audition. But if she needs to cry for a role, she rewatches Mark Buerhle’s perfect game.

You may have seen Di on Fox, IFC, and in several films, including one she starred in that was so bad, she left it a scathing review. Don’t ask which film it is because then you’d watch it, and your day would be ruined.

As this has become Di Billick Day on South Side Sox, right now you can sneak on over to her debut podcast, feature on lip-reading Lance Lynn, and later today, enjoy her first game coverage.

And please, offer a warm, SSS welcome to Di!

Hometown West Lawn and Gage Park. I lived a couple blocks from Midway before the sound barriers were up, and used to yell swear words as loud as I could in class while the planes flew over. If you covered your mouth or hid behind your folder, the teacher had no idea.

White Sox fan since Birth. My entire family are huge White Sox fans, so it was bred into me. My late grandpa tried out for the White Sox. He was super-fast and short, and had a thick Chicago accent. I remember him saying they didn’t pay enough, but I’m pretty sure that’s not why he wasn’t on the team. My dad taught me about baseball and I liked going to games in person, but I started getting really into the White Sox and watching all the games on TV in 2002.

First White Sox memory Going to games with my dad at OId Comiskey. I have one of the bricks, and I like it better than the legacy brick I got for my family. I take it out for good luck when we need a win.

Favorite White Sox memory Greeting the team at Midway after the World Series and watching my dad high-five Paulie, his favorite player. I got to high-five Don Cooper, and it wasn’t that great. Man Soo Lee is a great hugger, by the way.

Favorite White Sox player Mark Buerhle is my favorite pitcher and Frank Thomas is my favorite hitter. Please don’t make me choose.

Next White Sox statue Abreu!

Next White Sox retired number 13, baby! Ozzie is the White Sox.

Go-to concession food at Sox Park Elotes

Favorite Baseball Movie I memorized Field of Dreams as a kid because I loved it so much. The message of sharing baseball with your dad really rang true to me. My dad and I text through most of every White Sox game, so even though neither of us ever played professional ball, it still means a lot to me. I watched the movie two years ago after not having seen it since childhood, and through the jaded lens of an adult actor and writer — and let’s say it’s no longer my favorite baseball movie. It’s all Kevin Costner’s fault. Have you ever watched Rob Roy? He doesn’t even try to fake a dialect, while every other actor does. How did this guy get jobs? Anyway, now it’s Major League.

Hall of Fame: Speed Round

Mark Buehrle yes
Joe Jackson no
Paul Konerko yes
Minnie Miñoso yes
Tommy John no
Chris Sale no

South Side Sox on the Field Left Field

True or false: Every jumbled pile of person has a thinking part that wonders what the part that isn’t thinking isn’t thinking of. True.