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Gamethread: Cubs at White Sox

Insert football score joke here

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
AL Cy Young favorite Lance Lynn, reporting for duty.
Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Helluva game last night, huh, something something Bears score that much something something NFL.

Well, Lance Lynn pitches tonight and he’s a hoss and a boss, so don’t expect any six-run first shenanigans on his watch. With Alec Mills, of the Holy Hell He Pitched a No-Hitter Mills, no such luck on the ivy bumblers’ end.

In the podcast up today, like you haven’t listened twice, Di and I predicted an 8 12 - 1 win for the White Sox tonight, and that was back on Wednesday, when we had no knowledge that the White Sox would tag a 17-spot on the Cubs in the opener. If I can amend pregame, I’ll up my pick to 11-1.

Here’s the White Sox tonight:

It should read eight RBIs, White Sox, that’s why we gotta keep copyediting your press releases.

The Club Formerly Known as the Cubs But Is Now Some Ricketts Slop Fans Are Supposed to Pay to See for Another Month lines up like so:

Perhaps better said: lines up like, so? Friggin Ricketts.

Uh, the Cubs put David Bote on the IL with a sprained ankle from last night, called up some nobody dude, sent another nobody guy down, moved up another nobody guy. Fun times for northsiders. Lineup is Romine-free tonight.

Also, far be it for me to kick a team when it’s down unless it’s the Cubs, but after talking about this internally with some SSS folks, I gotta direct your attention to the utterly “Marquee” design bug of the Cubs’ game-day lineup:

My first “real” job was for a benefits firm, ostensibly to write but I volunteered to do some design for them and that’s where I stuck for a summer. And I was HORRIBLE. Still, even 26 years ago on a kerosene Mac, I wouldn’t have tried to pull some b.s. where I just repeated words and called it designing.

Hey, have a great game everyone. The delightful Di Billick is on for her recap debut tonight.

Tiempe de juego a las seis y diez en los canales habituales, NBC Sports Chicago y ESPN 1000.