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Sharing Sox Podcast 48: Rip the Cubs Edition

Plus, actual praise for the HOFBP! Really!

In the post-trade deadline edition, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, rant about how MLB is killing itself with so many teams simply tanking and, especially, the AAALCentral becoming the AAL Central. That’s a benefit for the Sox, but terrible for baseball. The duo even have a solution, which will never, ever, come to pass — European soccer league style relegation, where bottom teams get sent down. Too bad it will never happen.

Leigh breaks from his mold to actually praise Tony La Russa, giving the HOFBP credit for running out a sort of bullpen game Sunday to give his tiring starters much-needed extra rest, something he’ll need to do several more times before October.

Then Will leads the rants about the horribleness of the ownership and front office of That Other Team in Town, actions and inactions of which, while again beneficial to the Sox, are completely disgraceful. And that’s coming from White Sox fans who hate TOTIT.

Then there’s a cry to keep Seby Savala and send down Zack Collins when Yasmani Grandal comes back. Plus, the wonderfulness of the Next Man Up actions of the Sox offense, especially since the expected stars are all slumping badly ... but how many Next Men can there be?

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