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South Side Sox Podcast 57 — Meet Our New Writer, Celeste Radogno

Brett Ballantini invites a smart and quirky voice to South Side Sox, and we discuss her aggressive sports streak, her initial reaction to the SSS invite, and the 2021 White Sox

It’s another fabulous day for us at South Side Sox, as we get to introduce the second of our two most recent additions to the staff, whip-smart Celeste Rodogno. (Just maybe don’t play sports against her?) We even snuck up a story of hers early, before this intro day, with a very strong debut about: a calendar.

She hops on with Brett Ballantini to talk about injuries sustained as a young athlete, her route to White Sox fandom, and the 2021 club.

Some highlights:

  • Vinnie the Wonder Dog
  • The time junior high basketball opponents ganged up on Celeste to break her hip, then laughed about it (tough? yeah, Celeste didn’t leave the game)
  • Celeste’s final pitching performance was a perfect inning — one that left her fingers tingling and her arm dead for days
  • Her reaction to SSS’s offer of writing space? 1. They’re trying to sell me something 2. Is this a pyramid scheme? 3. Sure, sounds cool
  • We trace Celeste’s route to fandom, which is also detailed at her Meet the Players survey, also up on site this morning
  • Celeste’s White Sox memory constant? Not Southpaw, Nancy Faust, or fireworks — but Gene Honda
  • How many people to you know who can still wear the first shirt they ever wore to a game, as a kid? Stay tuned for more on that one
  • What’s behind the malaise the White Sox have played with since the All-Star break?
  • Brett develops an on-the-spot theory as to why only hitters are getting hurt on the 2021 White Sox

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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