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North Side Sox Podcast 22: West Coast White Sox’s Justice delos Santos joins the pod to discuss the White Sox, graduating from college, and his favorite Chicago things

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox
My Hero Academia: This week’s podcast guest shared a college classroom with Andrew Vaughn.
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What’s up with the White Sox lately? Have you torn your hair out at Tony’s getaway day lineups? Are you cool as a cucumber because a clinch is in the near future? No matter your mood, we’ve got a treat for you:’s Justice delos Santos joins Janice for a jovial conversation spanning from covering baseball with on-field access to his Harold’s order when he’s in Chicago.

Based in the Bay Area, Justice covered the White Sox series in Oakland for Scott Merkin last week, and had a bunch of stuff to say about where the Good Guys are headed this last month of the regular season.

  • Justice shares his earliest memories of his love of baseball, including watching a DVD from 2002 to the point where he rattled off Barry Bonds facts in the grocery store, at four years old.
  • A recent graduate of the University of California-Berkeley, Justice recalls an English class he had with none other than our very own Andrew Vaughn — and tells the details of their reunion in Oakland this past week.
  • With a handful of guys on the shelf, Justice gives us an update on Tim Anderson’s hopefully-soon return to the lineup.
  • Justice wrote last week that he thinks Dallas Keuchel is headed in the right direction, despite a rough stretch in his recent starts, and he explains why.

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Follow Janice on Twitter @scuriiosa, and find all of Justice’s work with on his Twitter, @justdelossantos.