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South Side Sox Podcast 65 — Black and White Sox

Di Billick joins Brett Ballantini to discuss the emotional state of White Sox fans (and advice for them), as well as a bit of drill-down into the final three weeks of the season.

As off-day became idle day, a couple of SSS yuk-sters came together to record. Di Billick is back on the mothership with Brett Ballantini, with a primary focus on Monday’s dive into the psyche of White Sox fans (and, you betcha, herself) in these bountiful times.

But the two find time for other stuff, some funny, and some just perplexing. Sitaspell, take yer shoes off:

  • Let’s talk about two profane dads, one lighter (Di) than the other
  • The pros and cons of Tony La Russa steering the White Sox into October
  • Does Di’s husband owe us an apology for 2006?
  • Let’s review: RBI totals are severely reduced without baserunners
  • Ear worm: Did Di do the voiceover for the commercial break you just heard? (If you found yourself with a sudden desire to enroll in school, yeah, probably.)

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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