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Postponed, Rain: White Sox at Tigers

Game will be made up next Monday; South Siders can clinch the division head-to-head against Cleveland on Thursday

MLB: SEP 21 White Sox at Tigers Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

[I believe, like Crash Davis in Bull Durham, Jacki Krestel may have succeeded in willing it to rain today, pushing the White Sox clinch to Cleveland, where in all likelihood they will secure the division title in the opener of tomorrow’s doubleheader. What follows below is her prepared gamethread as of early this morning. I will provide some rainout theater copy for the early afternoon, so hang tight.—Brett]

This afternoon, the Chicago White Sox will try to escape the sweep against the Detroit Tigers in the finale of a three-game series. Well, that’s what scheduled to happen, at least.

Or it could rain.

In an effort to rest their starting pitchers as much as possible before the postseason begins, the White Sox will send Renaldo López to the hill. López had been dominant in his role as a reliever ever since being called up from Charlotte. Since moving into a starting role this month, López hasn’t been given the opportunity to stretch his legs very much. His last three outings have all lasted five innings or less. Today could be the day López gets to take his 0.94 WHIP out for an inning-eating spin, or it could be another short appearance with an opportunity to give the rest of the bullpen some work.

Or it could rain.

2018’s first overall draft pick Casey Mize will start for the Tigers. Despite his impressive 3.4 WAR, Mize hasn’t been able to last more than three innings in his last three starts. His recent struggles could give a White Sox lineup that is eager for some offense some room to run.

Or it could rain – which wouldn’t be the worst thing for the bruised and battered South Siders.

Had you told me earlier in the year that White Sox fans would be keeping a close eye on how Cleveland was doing in late September, I might have told you to crawl back under the neurotic, paranoid rock from whence you came. And yet, here we are. With less than two weeks left in the regular season, we are now hoping that the Kansas City Royals will do our bidding by taking the Indians out.

It’s not that the White Sox are in danger of losing the division – they’re not. They are 10.5 games up and have a magic number of only two. It’s more because many fans, including me, are hoping to clinch a playoff spot as early as possible so we can let our wounded lineup rest. If the White Sox can salvage this win today and Cleveland goes on to lose tonight, the release the White Sox and their fans have been seeking could be granted.

Or, you know, it could rain.

But that’s baseball. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.”