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The Wait is Over!

Breaking T celebrates the AL Central title heading back to the White Sox with two new, fab designs.

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To celebrate the division title for 2021, Breaking T offers two new T-shirt designs commemorating the feat:

Certainly, we hope there will be more than just a division title to enjoy over the next month or so, but we have to start somewhere!

Celebrate the White Sox moments of your life with the entire Chicago W Collection at Breaking T, where you can peruse everything available. Or, if you want to read all my terrific catalog copy for each item, just scroll down and enjoy!

Contrary to the cynics among you, we haven’t featured every Breaking T White Sox design here at South Side Sox, for various reasons. But I’ve never seen one more confounding than the José Abreu and Eloy Jiménez Sugar Skulls designs.

That said, they are sort of insane, and I’m digging them. Definitely different.

If you scroll down far enough, I think you can see the original Yasmani Grandal Breaking T piece, Yaz We Can, which I think was pretty clever and should have pulled a lot of fans in with purchases. It was definitely different, as far as Breaking T fare.

But I don’t remember it doing all that well, which was a shame. Maybe Yaz isn’t sexy. Walks aren’t, as someone on Twitter wants to tell you every day.

Here’s another chance to wear your Yaz fandom, playing off of his casual drops on 400-foot blasts:

Yasmani really is the bad boy of the White Sox. He’ll snark you. He’ll roll his eyes. He’s not out to please anyone. He’s just gonna be a badass catcher who drops the bat after clocking one a mile, thank you very much.

Holy man, that Field of Dreams game win was so big, Breaking T rolled out three shirts to commemorate it!

The middle model even comes with TA’s “it’s all over, baby” gesture, which is fun.

Well, that was a titanic, game-winning home run if ever there was one!

Brian Goodwin told Cleveland to kick rocks, then sent a ball over the fence — and his bat into orbit — with his Sunday heroics, and Breaking T captures it in all its multicolored glory.

In just his second game back after a season-long stint on the IL, Eloy Jiménez announced his presence in the White Sox lineup with authority, hitting a home run and providing whirling dervish defense in Tuesday’s win at K.C.

Natch, Breaking T is here to celebrate the Big Baby’s return:

It’s great to have Eloy back with the club in any capacity, and him starring in just his second game back is extra sweet. Now you can wear that sweetness!

It was a quite a moment on Monday, seizing a win from the jaws of a doubleheader sweep. When you’re running away with a division, tension can seem manufactured, but Len Kasper gave us a classic moment that our own Joe Resis likened to A.J. Pierzynski’s walk-off against the Dodgers during the 2005 season. Listen to Len last night:

So naturally, Breaking T gives us a snapshot of Sheets’ homer, classically titled Holy Sheets!

Way to go, rook. Every player on this roster is stepping up and helping the White Sox win.

The White Sox just keep humming along, with great pick-me-ups from the most unlikely of places. Waiver-wire pickup Billy Hamilton has managed to become a core bench and spot-start piece for the club as it ascending in the AL Central, and the veteran made his defensive presence known, with authority, in the ninth inning of Tuesday’s win at Minnesota:

Breaking T is on the scene, with some Billywear commemorating the catch:

I mean, incorporating that defensive brilliance with the hilarious Go Ham tagline? That’s a winner.

Well, hey there, we are in a moment, so Breaking T is kicking ass to gear up in support of Yermín Mercedes. Next up is a more general statement about the dumbness of unwritten rules, in a classic White Sox road script:

You don’t usually expect to have to persuade your manager to defend his own player, but here we are. And in the Tony La Russa-Yermín Mercedes kerfuffle, we (and all of the White Sox players) are Team Yermín.

So is Breaking T, who’s issuing this “I’m Yermín” wear in solidarity with the rookie sensation:

Simple, classic, and oh-so-83licious.

Peruse all the White Sox offerings at Breaking T, or use this post (and all entries below) to shop your own SSS catalog!

Well, perhaps you’ve been waiting for a more “authentic” Yerminator T-Shirt, something more “as seen on TV.” Well, here you have it!

Terminator vibe? Check. Super cool uniform easter egg in the shades? Check. Money actually going to the players association to benefit minimum-salaried players like Yermín himself? Check.

They may have had to scratch “perfecto” out of the original design after Roberto Pérez’s ninth-inning toe-tap, but Breaking T is delivering big for you after Carlos Rodón’s no-hitter!

It’s a sharp piece, with the clever use of accent mark, complete with high socks! (If only it was a warmer night, we’d have Rodón dressed in his full Grant Park 16´´softballer mode ... #JulyGoalsForLos.)

As you well know, you don’t have to go 5-for-5 in your first MLB start or start a season 8-for-8 to merit a cool Breaking T shirt. But it doesn’t hurt!

Celebrate our Yermín Spring with The Yerminator, a delightful play off of everyone’s favorite killer robot-turned-sweet hero. Hoodies, Ts, we’ve got the gear.

Perhaps because he was injured for half of his first season, or he doesn’t have a snappy nickname yet, or he’s such a grinder he doesn’t lend himself to chest-emblazoned graphics, Nick Madrigal has to date missed the cut as a T-shirt subject.

No longer.

Boy howdy, Madrigal is part of Breaking T’s inaugural and collectible Prospects to Pros line. (Image approximating, but not actual Madrigal size.)

Celebrate the start of the season, and one of our most promising young players, with this great Sox-wear.

Peruse the offerings at Breaking T, or take a look at the full line (with links) below!

To welcome our new, colorful closer, Liam Hendriks, Breaking T has gone positively Greek with the Australian, with Hercu-Liam!

Breaking T put together four great purchase options for Hercu-Liam, from petite to husky, winter bundling to summer sunning.

And click here to view everything in Breaking T’s White Sox collection in one spot.

Individual links below should get you to other White Sox products on site, including the Classic Collection that features the Ed Farmer and Mark Buehrle T-shirts.

To welcome our newest (and top WAR) starter into the rotation, Breaking T has drawn up some Lance Lynn-wear sure to please the bearded fan on your holiday shopping list, with Lynnsanity!

The big man is in town and ready to push the rotation toward a World Series!

I first got word of this shirt just as José Abreu was homering and singling in runs during the 2020 season.

And Breaking T’s hunch became reality, as José Abreu became the first White Sox MVP since Frank Thomas and only the fourth player, after Nellie Fox, Dick Allen and Thomas to win the award.

Celebrate a little early by ordering here.

And peruse the rest of the collection below to add to your order and combine shipping.

Clubbing homers and scoring runs like there’s no tomorrow, the Chicago White Sox Murderer’s Row of Eloy Jiménez, José Abreu, Tim Anderson and Luis Robert is the subject of a new BreakingT shirt:

South Side Hit Men

Some real nice details in this one: Each players’ expression, the gangster pinstripes, and the exotic player numbers among them. Grab one at BreakingT.

With Luis Robert not only staking his claim on AL Rookie of the Year but MVP, it makes sense that BreakingT is working overtime to present the best Panterawear out there.

Dig this supercool 1983 nod, which you can order here.

Looking for Luis Robert to assume his La Pantera form? BreakingT has you covered. Order here and celebrate the future MVP!

I’m digging the silhouette.

The 19th no-hitter in White Sox history is in the books, by none other than ace Lucas Giolito. So it’s time to celebrate the Gio No-No! It’s a quick, and slick, commemoration of an incredible, 101-pitch masterpiece, dated and suitable for a Gio auto!

Snag one here, and take a look at numerous other wonderful Breaking T offerings below.

So, it was bound to happen, but BreakingT is first on the scene to promote the latest dance party sweeping Soxdom: DANCING FOR DUBS

Featuring the boogie-down duo of Zack Collins and Danny Mendick, the T-shirt and/or hoodie is available in all sizes, so take a look now.

BreakingT has nominated a very young, boisterous ticket for 2020: Luis Robert and Eloy Jiménez.

Running on speed and power, folded into the Change the Game platform, we’re now making these sweet Ts available so you can elect them to a six-year term lasting until 2026.

He’s only the hottest rookie — nay, the hottest player — in baseball heading into 2020.

La Pantera!

Is there anything left to say? This BreakingT-South Side Sox joint is TIGHT.

Order it up before they’re all gone!

So, BreakingT was watching ESPN on Sunday and said, “hey, that’s right, Tim Anderson speaks the truth: the preeminent sports network in America is sleeping on the White Sox again.”

Thus: Y’all forgot about us:

Order this latest design here.

All shapes and sizes are available, in T-shirt or hoodie.

Stay tuned for some excellent new merch dropping on Friday as well.

How about pairing it with the original classic?

Our best seller, the incomparable Tim Anderson neck-bow of STICK TALK!

BreakingT has a bunch of terrific ideas they’ve collaborated with us on for their newest designs in conjunction with the MLB Players Alumni Association. This one is, simply, Mister Perfect, commemorating Mark Buehrle’s perfect game in 2009:

Order it here, and take a look at the entire Classic Collection as well.

The first White Sox product from BreakingT’s Classic Collection was a beautiful tribute to our Ed Farmer:

Order it here. When you click on our link to buy, we will donate a portion of the proceeds we see from these shirt sales in Farmer’s name to the Polycystic Kidney Disease Research Foundation (

GM Rick Hahn’s new catch phrase out of SoxFest, Ask Me After the Parade, from BreakingT.

Uh, hello, Eloy and his red gloves vow to clock one off of the scoreboard one day. Until then, we have Pinwheel Power!

Have you heard? We got a catcher, and he’s the best in the biz: Yaz We Can!

With Dallas Keuchel’s beard barely trimmed on the White Sox, this T-shirt not only rocks, it remains anatomically correct: Kid Keuchy!