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South Side Sox 2021 Player of the Week (ending September 3): Leury García

Filling in for an injured Tim Anderson might be intimidating for some. But for human Swiss Army knife Leury García, it’s just another night under the lights. 

Mitch Ransdell/South Side Sox

It’s time No. 28 gets his due.

The longest-standing member of the White Sox roster has played all over the field when asked to, and has done so dependably since the 99-loss season of 2013.

Leury García has been here with White Sox fans through the dark times.

Suffering. Crying. Waiting for the moment. Waiting in the damned lines at the nacho helmet stand.

Well, the time is now.

#LeuryLegend is hitting .340 over his last 15 games, and contributing some stellar defense. He initiated a silky-smooth double play that put down the Pirates last week, in a contest that skipper Tony La Russa named “one of our best defensive games of the year.”

In 2021, the White Sox have relied on utility players and minor league talent from day one. It’s been players like García who have made up the little differences in dozens of injury-riddled games.

For someone who’s been in the clubhouse as long as García has, this stretch of late summer starts must’ve been worth waiting for.

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2021 MVP Top 10

Carlos Rodón (93.2)
Lance Lynn (76.7)
Yasmani Grandal (40.7)
Lucas Giolito (39.6)
Dylan Cease (34.2)
Andrew Vaughn (26.8)
Reynaldo López (26.6)
Tim Anderson (25.0)
Luis Robert (22.5)
Gavin Sheets (20.7)

2021 Cold Cat Bottom 10

Evan Marshall (-43.1)
Leury García (-37.1)
César Hernández (-37.0)
Liam Hendriks (-31.9)
Aaron Bummer (-28.9)
Garrett Crochet (-27.4)
Yoán Moncada (-26.4)
Matt Foster (-22.4)
Yermín Mercedes (-18.9)
Craig Kimbrel (-16.5)

South Side Sox Writer Standings

Yes, the Indianapolis Field Office sits atop our standings board, at a combined 38-23.