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Announcement: A New Commenting System Is Coming to South Side Sox

Coming Thursday, comments will look different.

MLB: ALDS-Houston Astros at Chicago White Sox David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone. I’m Tanya, and I oversee all of our baseball communities for SB Nation.

This Thursday will be a big day for us: All of our MLB communities will be moving our comments to a new platform, developed especially for SB Nation, and I’m excited about the change.

Some of you may already be familiar with this new platform, as it rolled out to our NFL communities in 2020 and to many of our soccer sites and NHL and NBA communities last year. More than 30 updates to the platform have been released since our initial launch, each bringing new features for SB Nation communities specifically, and changes to the user experience based on community member feedback. It’s a very different platform today than it was in 2020, and I can’t wait to show you.

Why this change? We’ve been using the same commenting platform for more than a decade and it’s time for an upgrade. The old system is brittle, and prone to outages. It’s not built for the modern web. Even just maintaining it gets tougher every year.

Nobody likes change, but this is a necessary one, and it brings real improvements that’ll make our whole commenting experience better.

In the new system, you’ll see features that we’ve wanted to add for years, including:

  • Easier embeds (just paste the Twitter/YouTube link)
  • Easier rich text shortcuts (control-B for Bold, control-I for italics)
  • Email notifications when someone replies to you
  • See who has rec’d your comments
  • Better flagging options and strong anti-abuse controls
  • A GIF library for easy image posting
  • The ability to mute commenters you don’t want to see
  • Easily find the most rec’d comments

Plus a whole host of features that we’ve kept because they make our communities special, such as new comment highlighting, color changes with high rec counts, Z-key scrolling, external image embeds, sarcasm font, and much more.

This platform has been built specifically for SB Nation communities and, for the first time, we now have a team dedicated to constantly evolving and improving our commenting tools.

I know that new things take a bit of time to get used to — I ask only that you give it a chance, try it on a few articles, and then tell us honestly what you think. This is a permanent work in progress — we will continue to evolve and improve over the coming months and years, to give you the tools and platform you deserve. In fact, we have already added dozens of new features based on feedback from our readers since our initial launch on NFL communities last year.

You can help make it better by giving us your feedback in the comments, or emailing

Some important information about the change: Your old comments are being saved and will be returned to the pages in the future, but for now, stories won’t contain comments posted prior to the changeover. So please be mindful that any discussions happening at the time the switch is flipped will be interrupted.

Your comment history will now be located under the My Profile tab at the top of the comments (not the top of the page), which is also where your comments archive will be restored when we bring them back.

The new platform will go live on South Side Sox beginning on Thursday afternoon. You can use the same login as always.

Thanks as always for being here. Now let’s talk.