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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Padres 1

Yu can’t hang with the South Siders

The White Sox are out West to take on the Padres and their super-fun uniforms. Let’s see how Miguel Cairo runs them out tonight for this late game.

Quite a few fans flocked to Petco Park for the final road series of the season.

And others are surprisingly still watching until the bitter end.

Yu Darvish opens the game by allowing just one hit, and Davis Martin shuts the Padres down in the bottom of the first.

That’s so White Sox.

It’s now 1-0, as the Padres get a run in.

The Big Baby gets a big hit and it’s tied, 1-1, in the fourth.

A double from Sheets and a single from Moncada put the White Sox ahead with no outs.

A beautiful play at the plate preserves the lead for the White Sox.

Davis Martin has continued to be tough as nails against the Padres offense.

Our favorite honor roll student sends Yo-Yo to the plate to extend the lead.

Back to Martin because he’s had a great night, especially with his slider.

Just a quick little around the league break — the Mariners are partying like it’s 2001.

OK! Back to this game.

The White Sox are winning as we make it to the ninth, but many people are bummed since it doesn’t matter.

The White Sox pull off the win as they try to finish the season at or above .500. I’d personally like to thank Jennifer for her service tonight.

Take it away, Giant!