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Grading the White Sox: Joe McEwing

Super Joe? In 2022, more like Super Joke

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Guardians
It was not Super Joe’s best season.
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

At midseason, the SSS staff graded the 46-46 White Sox, from head of the class Dylan Cease all the way down to Dallas Keuchel. We invented a WARsss metric that could very well be just a cute way to trot out our special site grades — but really for all you know could be the product of years of research in a stats lab.

Our expanded report card will take us through everyone who saw time in uniform for the White Sox, plus some front-office types. Most of our writers will take on a couple of players, with final grades and short writeups, running through the end of November. Enjoy!

Joe McEwing
Third Base and Infield Coach
Midseason: -1.7 WARsss
Final: -3.167 WARsss

On-field coaches aren’t supposed to be in the headlines, but Joe McEwing frequently made waves this past summer, as he sent runner after runner to meet their doom at home plate.

Let me be clear: I trust Joe McEwing’s third base sends about as much as I trust a week-old McDonald’s fish filet.

But, “he’s as good as anyone in the league,” said manager Tony La Russa, defending his third base coach against public criticism. Ah yes, wise analysis from the connoisseur of sound judgment.

Besides, McEwing is good at doing what, exactly? Having served under three White Sox managers, McEwing’s greatest use seems to be in a training role, not on the field.

We saw the evidence of that time and again this season: Luis Robert or AJ Pollock or José Abreu thrown out, still lumbering along 20 feet from home plate.

Sure, the final corner isn’t an easy task. In a split-second window, coaches like McEwing have to juggle factors like player momentum, fielder throwing accuracy, and weather conditions to make calls that may determine the outcome of a game.

And in McEwing’s defense, with a team as offensively barren as the 2022 White Sox, it’s understandable that you would be a little more aggressive with base-running. You want to make up for your weaknesses ... like, you know, hitting the ball.

But when half of your roster is limping to first base by the All-Star break, you have to be realistic and make adjustments. Safe at third is better than out at home.

2022 White Sox Grades

Dallas Keuchel, LHSP, -3.9
Tony La Russa, MGR, -3.5
Ryan Burr, RHRP, -3.4
Joe McEwing, Third Base Coach, -3.167


Joe McEwing went from superhero to goat pretty quickly. Were we fair?

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