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Grading the White Sox: Adam Haseley

Default player puts up default numbers

Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox Quinn Harris/Getty Images

At midseason, the SSS staff graded the 46-46 White Sox, from head of the class Dylan Cease all the way down to Dallas Keuchel. We invented a WARsss metric that could very well be just a cute way to trot out our special site grades — but really for all you know could be the product of years of research in a stats lab.

Our expanded report card will take us through everyone who saw time in uniform for the White Sox, plus some front-office types. Most of our writers will take on a couple of players, with final grades and short writeups, running through the end of November. Enjoy!

Adam Haseley
Midseason: -1.7 WARsss
Final: -3.167 WARsss

The only thing of consequence Adam Haseley did was take out Danny Mendick on a defensive misadventure on an otherwise routine pop fly. Besides that, it was another innocuous year for the world’s least exciting baseball player. Does he hit for average? Nope. Power? Nah. Does he get on base? No. Is he good defensively? No, he’s pretty average there too.

Adam Haseley, the most average of ballplayers, is what happens when you leave a created player on the default attributes. Yet, he somehow found his way onto the Chicago White Sox major league club for long enough to warrant me writing about him. If you want a silver lining, he ended up with a higher OPS+ than Leury García, Yasmani Grandal, and Adam Engel — but that mainly illustrates how bad the other hitters were.

2022 White Sox Grades

Dallas Keuchel, LHSP, -3.9
Tony La Russa, MGR, -3.5
Ryan Burr, RHRP, -3.4
Joe McEwing, Third Base Coach, -3.167
Adam Haseley, OF, -3.146