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Bird App Recap: Is anyone even watching anymore?

A pitchers’ duel? Sure, why not?

It’s game 159? The White Sox playoff hopes died a while ago. Nothing matters anymore. Nothing has mattered in a while. There’s good news, however. (All the best to Tony as much as we dislike him as a manager, he deserves to go home and live healthy.)

The reaction from Sox fans is, well, what you’d expect.

The article itself was um, weird, to put it mildly.

Ok, but who’s next?

Bad front office continues to be bad

Oh yeah, there’s still a baseball game today, and they’re not even trying to finish at .500 anymore.

The Padres in brown, as per usual.

Literally no one is tweeting about the actual, very boring game so far, so let’s check in on the post game crew:

OK, maybe not.

It’s two innings into this game, and the most exciting thing was Bob Melvin getting hit by a foul ball.

(Waking up from a nap)

Oh ... uh... Yoán Moncada is once again silencing the haters, and making a good throw from third base to get the first out in the third.

A very unimpressive baseball game so far.

Adam Engel misplays a ball in the outfield that puts Jake Cronenworth on second, and it is somehow scored a hit???

Mike Trout has played 115 games this year and still somehow has more than twice the amount of home runs as anyone on the White Sox.

Enough said.

No runs for either side through five innings, and I don’t know if it’s because the pitching is good or the offense is bad. Either way, it’s no longer scoreless, as Elvis Andrus blasts a ball to the Western Metal Supply company with one out in the sixth, 1-0 Sox.

Apparently it might even have awoken a beat writer from slumber?

Aaaand that’s not a great stat.

Lynn gets out of the sixth after a nice double play from Josh Harrison.

In the game of exceeding vs. not meeting expectations, the Orioles are basically the exact opposite of the Sox.

Some fun facts:

A bloop single and a bobble on the throw gets Andrew Vaughn in from second and Adam Engel an RBI to make it 2-0, Sox.

The Padres mid-game made the playoffs.

Ha-Seong Kim goes yard, and it’s 2-1.

At least someone admits it.

Lance managed to keep the ERA below an unsightly 4.00 this season.

Don’t we all?

Hendriks gets the save, Sox get the win, now two wins away from a .500 record. (Wow, it’s depressing that we’re rooting for 81 wins at this point.)