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Gamethread: White Sox at Padres

Yeah, there’s a game, but more importantly, Tony is retiring

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
Is this the last time Tony La Russa (with Dave Stewart) will be on a baseball field while in the employ of the White Sox?
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Yeah, there’s a game today, but the big news has broken out of White Sox camp (oops, wait, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, although that’s pretty much the same thing eh?) that Tony La Russa will be heeding doctors’ advice and retiring from active managing.

But we have a story on that, so check that out.

Here, we do still have a game. San Diego has something to fight for, while the White Sox must win out to have a winning record for the season, or win three of four remaining to finish .500.

Not what we imagined we’d be seeing this October.

Yes, that’s Romy González in right field, and before you throw up your brunch, remember that Romy is a true switchblade player who’d never played a single game at shortstop until 2021. He might even be the new Leury. He sure as hell will be better than Andrew Vaughn or Gavin Sheets out there.

Ballgame is on NBC Sports Chicago and AM-1000 radio, 3:10 p.m. CT. Have fun!