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Sharing Sox Podcast 91 — Let’s hope the White Sox are watching

Not us — the playoffs, to learn how the game should be played

Recording at a time when each league has played two LCS games, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, delve into playoff baseball, with the added touch that one of Will’s softball teammates works in the Dodgers’ office and could report on the dirge-like atmosphere after the Padres beat the allegedly best team in the game. Of course, that loss took some heat off the White Sox, who went from the most disappointing team in the majors to just the most disappointing regular-season team in the majors.

Admiration for the quality of play in the playoffs, and hope the White Sox have been paying attention to the novel concepts of good defense, solid fundamentals and hustle, eventually gave way to talking about our own team. At that point, enthusiasm went downhill a tad, what with having no faith the Sox front office will be cleared out and that the same dumb decisions will be made with regard to a new manager and player changes.

Naturally, any small spark of hope gets rapidly crushed when you look at how much payroll is already obligated for 2023, and how incompetently that money has been spent. But, hey, that’s what being a Sox fan is all about.

As the great Bill Veeck put it: “If there is any justice in this world, to be a White Sox fan frees a man from any other form of penance.”

Of course, we have Veeck to blame for selling the team to Jerry Reinsdorf.

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