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South Side Sox Podcast 126 — Soxivus Airing of Grievances

Jordan Hass, Joe Resis, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Allie Wesel, Tommy Barbee, Chrystal O’Keefe, Jacki Krestel and Adrian Serrano join Brett Ballantini to air our White Sox beefs for 2022

Happy Soxivus! We are following up our first year celebrating Soxivus in 2021 with a full two months of celebrating in 2022. Ready or not, here we come.

We’re overjoyed to have Father Soxivus — the man who hatched the plan last year — Tommy Barbee with us on these podcasts. Joining Tommy to start the festivities is host Brett Ballantini and Jordan Hass, Allie Wesel, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Joe Resis, Chrystal O’Keefe, Adrian Serrano and Jacki Krestel.

The official Soxivus kick-off comes here, with the Airing of Grievances:

  • We kick off with the trio of Tommy (Hahn hiding behind La Russa), Joe (preposterous resource allocations) and Jacki (wherefore Rodón QO) with variations on a theme: Boy, were the White Sox general-managed like a clown show in 2022
  • Next up Chrystal and Adrian spoke of injury mishandling and bad planning
  • Jordan aired her grievance on the utter lack of power on the roster
  • Allie’s grievance relates to the initial trio, but specifically the ineptitude at the trade deadline — and smugness in handling the failure
  • Melissa and Brett had thoughts on how the White Sox perceive us (as fans, web site writers, fellow humans, choose your poison); Melissa with a specific scold for smarmy Steve Stone, Brett repeating his beef with the fan-shaming and disregard that is coming in increasing doses from Rick Hahn and upper management
  • A little bit of SoxFest talk, and an acknowledgement of our podcast-absent grievers
  • Preview of coming Soxivus events, including Feats of Strength, gifts, quotes ...

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or wherever you consume your podcasts. Like the intro music? Pick it up here. Also, watch the podcast on the South Side Sox YouTube channel.


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