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Should I Stay or Should I Go: Vince Velasquez

Bad as we thought, but no worse

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
It was never Vince Velasquez’s $3 million deal — it was the roster guarantee.
Michael Reaves/Getty Images

fWAR: 0.4
bWAR: 0.4
WARP: 0.5

He should stay Veteran ballast is always welcome, and while Velasquez was undeniably bad, he was useful out of the bullpen in a multi-inning relief role and can probably gut out three or four mediocre innings as a spot starter. He still has a good four-pitch mix and should be affordable.

He should go Velasquez is thoroughly unexceptional, with a below-average ERA both as a starter (5.26) and reliever (4.25). Doesn’t generate enough strikeouts any longer, and gives up too much hard contact. He represents about as low as the team can aim without playing minor leaguers.

The verdict If there’s one thing this team doesn’t want to do it’s over-invest in its bullpen (again), and there should be better options on the market than Velasquez (could have said this a year ago, too). If the White Sox can get Velasquez back on a minor league deal with a good downside guarantee and a nice pro-rated payday if he makes the major-league roster, great, but I wouldn’t want to guarantee him a 26-man roster spot again.