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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Twins 2

Never in doubt, right?


So, um, some things happened ahead of the game.

Way to be a force, friends!

And another baseball player is ending his career on a high note.

The White Sox begin their last home series with the Twins before both teams find a comfy spot on their couches to watch the playoffs.

As usual, the game didn’t start off great.

There also seems to be a lack of fans to watch these mediocre teams finish the season.

The White Sox immediately answered with runs:

Not much is happening in this game.

There is some Johnny Cueto appreciation though.

I might just start playing, if that’s the case.

Xavier might not be correct, but he’s pretty close. It’s still 2-2 as we enter the seventh.

Cueto is doing great!

An Abreu double gets the crowd going, and hopefully a little seventh-inning rally. (The rally didn’t happen.)

To quote the obscure pop-punk band Bowling For Soup, “Let’s do it for Johnny.”

Carlos Pérez gets his first RBI of his major league career with the help of a stolen base, and now the Sox are up, 3-2.

Jason and Steve got a little sappy in the booth, and a few people seemed to have the same thought after listening.

Hendriks isn’t the easiest person to catch.

After an erratic time with Hendriks in to shut the Twins down, the Sox come out on top.

Don’t check the math.