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South Side Sox Podcast 127 — SoxivusFest, and manager talk

Jordan Hass, Joe Resis, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Allie Wesel, Tommy Barbee and Malachi Hayes join Brett Ballantini to discuss the cancelled and promote our own SoxFest, and ponder Ozzie

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Happy Soxivus! We are following up our first year celebrating Soxivus in 2021 with a full two months of festivities in 2022. Last year, we picked managers who could dethrone Tony La Russa in running the White Sox. This week, our Feats of Strength take the form of programming a SoxFest, after the White Sox cancelled their official one for the third straight season.

We’re overjoyed to have Father Soxivus, Tommy Barbee — the man who hatched the Soxivus plan last year — with us on these podcasts. Joining Tommy to program our Fest are Jordan Hass, Allie Wesel, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach, Joe Resis and Malachi Hayes, with the festivities hosted by Brett Ballantini.

Read our accompanying Feats of Strength story on programming Soxivus Fest that much of this podcast refers to, please.

  • Reviewing the short-sighted decision to cancel SoxFest for the third straight year — did someone cheap out on putting down the non-refundable deposit on McCormick Place?
  • We can get up in arms about losing SoxFest and chide Rick Hahn for being afraid to face the music, but it’s the hundreds of young fans (and fans who cheer like children, there are many, no shame there) who really lose out
  • On to our SoxivusFest, with Melissa explaining her Run Sox Run activity, which borrows from Herb Lawrence’s ill-fated sprint challenge during the season. We think we would fare better
  • Joe’s Put Away Pitches event challenges fan managers to make the right call on 1-2. Anything better than in intentional walk comes away with a free SoxivusFest T-shirt.
  • Tommy’s Manager Draft cleverly finds a way to cram all of the bad, recycled White Sox manager possibilities into one season, in a sort of college of coaches arrangement. There’s also an Inspiration Station that has to be heard or read to be believed
  • Jordan comes through with two fun ideas, starting with Rick Hahn’s Mild Ride — duller than white bread. Also, there are outfield tryouts, and if participants manage to injure themselves in exotic (but, for the White Sox, predictable) ways, they’ll get a start in 2023 before Oscar Colás
  • Allie stages an intervention for Hahn, with the intention of making him stronger in future trade and free agent negotiations and getting him a true Seat at the Table
  • Malachi puts a twist on the Garage Sale of years past, where creative payment plans are not only encouraged, but expected
  • Adrian Serrano was not able to join the podcast, but did provide events of his own, as well. Additionally, he created our Soxivus 2022 T-shirt

available to order at our SSHP store

  • The second half of the podcast — yes, this one is chock-full — addresses the Ozzie Guillén managing rumors.
  • The panel is deadlocked as to whether the White Sox are actually going to hire Ozzie — who, let’s review, left the South Side the first time by announcing his new manager position during a game he was managing for the White Sox

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or wherever you consume your podcasts. Also, watch the podcast on the South Side Sox YouTube channel.


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