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Bird App Recap: I was promised a parade

And out with a whimper.


We’ve made it to the end. The White Sox have a chance to sweep the Twins and finish better than .500 despite having a horrendous season.

There is one glaring omission in the lineup today, on what could be his last game in a White Sox uniform.

Before we start, let’s take a deep breath and listen to this sage advice from Jackie.

Time for No. 162.

The Twins take an early lead.

Make that 4-0.

What a way to go out; 6-0.

Has Twitter fully given up? I think so.

Kind of rude of my spouse to say this, even if he checked out in April.

It’s 7-0 in the top of the second.

I was actually optimistic about 35 minutes ago. It’s 9-0, still top of the second.

Aren’t we all?

Anyway, here is a quick update on Davis Martin.

What a way to honor MVPito. Thanks, White Sox.

Has this been the most exciting part of the game in five innings? Yes.

Follow for more quality advice.

At this point, what could go wrong? Nothing matters and the Sox are on track to be shut out by the Twins.

He is absolutely due for one. What a travesty.

Shutout? We don’t know her!

And that’s ball game. Goodbye 2022 season, you were terrible.