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Sharing Sox Podcast 93 — Free agents galore!

And none really expected to join the White Sox, of course

Alas, Jim Click is already gone as GM of the Astros, making the hope of trading Rick Hahn (who would be willing to do whatever dumb thing any jerk owner wants) for a GM who knows what he’s doing and can’t be browbeaten a mere fleeting dream.

So, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, move on to talking about players. First, the news the White Sox are interested in A’s catcher Sean Murphy — as are maybe 25 other teams — but have no one they can trade for him and no way to unload Yasmani Grandal that doesn’t involve Tony Soprano. Then, proceeding through several of the predictions about where free agents will end up.

Of course, even the few times the White Sox are mentioned as a possible landing spot for a top free agent are just for humor’s sake, because Hahn has said the Sox are more apt to make changes through trades, despite having no one any other team would want who wouldn’t leave a huge hole behind when he departs.

Plus, we engage in some mandatory discussion about the team’s previous stupid moves, all the while hoping Pedro Grifol will somehow find a way to overcome them.

Oh, and we do offer thanks to AJ Pollock for his voluntary payroll-saving departure. Thank you, AJ!

See? Isn’t the offseason fun?

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