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Today in White Sox History: November 13

If Nick Swisher is in the news, the news is never good

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
Nick Swisher hurt the White Sox while in Chicago, then continued to hurt them after being traded to New York.


The White Sox and New York Giants began their round-the-world tour, promoting baseball across the globe. The two teams would eventually sail home from England on the Lusitania after playing over 40 contests.


In what amounted to a doubling down on a terrible deal, the White Sox ran Nick Swisher out of town along with pitcher Kanekoa Texeira, shipping the to New York for Yankees prospects Jeff Marquez, Wilson Benemit and Jhonny Nunez.

In just 153 games in Chicago, Swisher went from a 4.4 WAR player to -0.2, and immediately resumed his minor-star track in New York, tallying 11.9 WAR over four seasons with the Yankees. The combination of the original Swisher trade from the A’s and the one shipping him to New York cost the White Sox some 24.3 WAR.

Marquez in particular was a terrible acquisition for the White Sox, managing -0.1 WAR with the club — pitching just one inning!