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Today in White Sox History: November 16

The death of Milwaukee baseball — and a brief South Side legend

Gum Card Of Sandy Consuegra
Sandy Consuegra’s 1955 Bowman baseball card was jam-packed with delicious statistics from his gilded 1954 White Sox season.
Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images
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Six former stockholders of the Chicago White Sox backed Milwaukee GM/president John McHale to purchase the Braves. Almost immediately, this group announced plans to move the Braves south to Atlanta in 1964, but lawsuits and threats within baseball delayed the move until 1966.

Chicago business executive William Bartholomay led the investment group. The messy move from Milwaukee forced MLB to establish local ownership guidelines for teams in the future; just four franchises have relocated to new cities since then, with at least semi-legitimate attendance concerns justifying each.


Cuban pitcher Sandy Consuegra passed away in Miami. Consuegra achieved his greatest success over his first three years pitching in Chicago with the White Sox, tallying 8.3 WAR and earning an All-Star berth as a swingman — no easy task.

Though not his top White Sox WAR season, Consuegra was impeccable in 1954, leading the AL with a 140 ERA+ and all the major leagues with an .842 (16-3) winning percentage.