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Bird App Recap: Astros 5, Phillies 0 (World Series Game 4)

Yep, it was a no-hitter. Don’t expect us to be happy about it

The Astros were trying to save face tonight after being blown out 7-0 in Game 3. You should know, though, the odds are in Philadelphia’s favor.

As always we start with the boring stuff first, so here are the lineups. Dusty Baker put his trust in Christian Javier.

Rob Thomson was hoping the ball would go REALLY far again with this lineup.

We pause this hardly-started Bird App for a tender and wholesome moment. Friendly reminder, cancer STINKS.

The first inning of the game was quiet, but Aaron Nola got himself into a first-and-third with one out in the top of the second. It started to feel eerily similar to his Game 1 outing.

Nola did get himself out of the jam, with two strikeouts to end the inning.

The Astros offense is, uh, struggling.

Astros fans are starting to understand what White Sox went through all season. At least you made the World Series, Houston.

There MIGHT have been some odd calls in the bottom of the second inning. Thankfully, for this fan, Harper did not come around to score.

No scoring early like last night, so here is a fun fact:

Well, now that someone said something, they’re gonna score, aren’t they?

If I was an Astros fan, and I mean IF, I too would be doing whatever it takes after 18 straight scoreless innings in the World Series.

Christian Javier struck out seven Phillies in the first four innings.

Bases loaded, no outs for the Astros in the top of fifth. Aaron Nola gets the hook, replaced by Jose Alvarado.

Houston’s scoreless streak ends on a ... hit-by-pitch, and it’s 1-0, Astros!

Then Alex Bregman hit an 0-2 pitch down the right-field line to make it 3-0.

Phillies fans are acting like they’ve never been down 5-0 in a World Series game before.

We should probably start with a hit, but runs are needed too.

Christian Javier came to play tonight. Some find this impressive, some don’t; I will let you decide.

Through seven in Philly, and the Phillies still don’t have a hit. Baseball is weird.

It is the World Series, and the Phillies were no-hit through eight innings.

If this was me, I would be crying.

Just in case you were unaware.

Down to their last three outs!

And just like that, the Phillies get no-hit by the Houston Astros. It was a combined no-hitter, so judge it as you will. Either way, the series is tied, 2-2, reducing the World Series to a best-of-three. The final game in Philly this season, and a must-win for the Phillies, is Thursday night.