The importance of sports in human life

Ensuring a healthy life Exercising in all its forms is one of the most important and effective ways to ensure the preservation of physical and mental health, as the benefits of sport are numerous on both the psychological and physical levels,[1] and the most important of which are the following

  • Reducing the percentage of fat in the body,
  • increasing muscle mass Maintaining an ideal weight.
  • Get enough sleep, get rid of insomnia,
  • get the energy the body needs.
  • Open the appetite, eat healthy food, and avoid smoking.

Providing a healthy life, through which happiness, satisfaction and contentment are achieved.

Diabetes prevention, as regular exercise helps the body produce insulin properly and thus control diabetes. Activating blood circulation, as movement during sports stimulates blood circulation, which leads to the transfer of nutrients to all parts of the body. Increased immunity, where white blood cells increase during exercise, which increases the strength of the body's immunity. Strengthening the heart, as the heart pumps more blood when exercising, so it gains the ability to work as needed, and stay in good shape, as this contributes to increasing the life expectancy of people.

Building character and values

Exercising positively affects people's lives, as it is the key to success in the future, and among the things that sports promotes are the following:

Acquisition of good qualities: Practicing sports leads to the individual acquiring many good qualities, such as: honesty, humility, and stress management. Respect: Most sports rely on a set of rules, and their own instructions, which teach the individual to follow the rules, appreciate his teammates, and respect his opponent as well.

Self-esteem: Sports help self-esteem and enhance self-confidence, through a sense of accomplishment when winning, and striving to achieve a specific goal, which motivates the individual to achieve all the goals he aspires to. encouraging young people to engage in multi-sports; To obtain the required competencies, a prominent sports figure should stay away from corruption, be honest and accurate, and focus on the capabilities that qualify him in the present and the future.[6]

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