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Bird App Recap: Pedro Grifol, the new manager of the Chicago White Sox

WST does not disappoint with its take on the new Sox skipper.

MLB: Chicago White Sox-Press Conference
Rick Hahn’s face is tired from grinning today
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Most White Sox fans, and if we’re being completely honest, any baseball fans not associated with the Kansas City Royals, had no idea who Pedro Grifol was before rumors started swirling on Tuesday that he would be the new manager of the South Siders.

Ready or not, now we know him as the 42nd manager of the Chicago White Sox. It’s official, apparently, because his photo is now on the wall.

So far, fans’ overall opinion seems to lean mostly toward positivity. However, the reactions range from “...this guy is the breath of fresh air we needed” to “...a throw-off from one of the worst franchises in baseball.” So, let’s take a walk down Twitter lane and bask in all the attitude that White Sox Twitter has for us today regarding the big announcement.

Leading the pack, we get a sharp photo of Pedro arriving at the Rate. I don’t know if he can manage, but the dude sure rocks a smooth look.

He also doesn’t look ready for a nap, so that’s a big plus!

Some fans were not excited for Pedro, specifically, but rather they were delighted it wasn’t someone else.

So now, you’ve got your fans that are feeling good after the presser. I will definitely give credit where credit is due. Pedro is eloquent with words, bringing some fans hope and even tears.

... and then you’ve got your fans who are more skeptical. This is me. I’m also in this camp.

As you can imagine, fans have a few questions about the new skipper.

There was also some elation about the coaching staff or actually the letting go of certain staff.

Finally, fans also looking for some Pedro merch because fans always need new merch.

Well, the verdict is out until we play 162, so we’ll see you in April, Pedro. We’ve got our eyes on you!