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Bird App Recap: Astros 3, Phillies 2 (World Series Game 5)

Philadelphia is still looking for their stranded runners, wondering why they never came home

After a historic Game 4, the World Series was back for Game 5. Justin Verlander and Noah Syndergaard faced off on the mound.

If only this was a hair-off, the Phillies would win by a million.

This matchup? In what year?

Dusty Baker isn’t winning any hair contests, and I’m not sure if anyone in his lineup is tonight.

Now this is a team with some flow game. They would need more than that to win tonight, though. They needed to hit the ball and channel Game 3.

I want to know what sports god is making the cities of Houston and Philadelphia choose which sport to watch.

Philly opted for the powder blue jerseys tonight, and they were a fan favorite. Meek Mill and a blinged out Phanatic got the crowd going.

A leadoff triple for Altuve, and we have taken off on the rollercoaster of emotions.

Immediately after, Pena singled through a drawn in infield to bring home Altuve.

But then Syndergaard and crew successfully struck out Alvarez and threw out Pena trying to steal. The love for JT is real.

JT just wanted a T. Swift moment all to himself.

The first inning was WILD. Kyle Schwarber answered back on the first pitch. Last night was a far memory.

Cy Young/regular season Verlander looked to continue his postseason struggles. These are the same person, right?

Tbh, we are all thinking this, especially in the bottom of the second inning with the bases loaded and two outs:

He might be bad in the World Series, but Verlander got out of this jam unscathed.

Of course the Gold Glove Rookie broke the tie.

Is this good? Asking for a friend.

Phillies were only down by a run, but things felt bleak.

Verlander made his way through five innings, so this is the best apology you’re going to get from us.

Delay of game, five-yard penalty ... wait, wrong game.

Altuve is trying to get his team more runs, just like Bryce Harper did in Game 3. It didn’t quite work the same, though.

Somehow, the Phillies quieted a strong offensive squad, so they should probably score some runs after getting out of a runner-on-third-with-one-out jam.

No dice for the Fightins’. Meanwhile, Frank Thomas is fighting the urge to devour some Philly cheesesteaks on camera.

An insurance run for the Astros in the eighth ...

Good thing Castellanos was set to lead off the bottom of the eighth?

And Castellanos comes around to score in the bottom of the eighth to trim the lead to 3-2, Astros after an RBI single from Jean Segura.

Astros fans rn:

Schwarber could not get the tying run across after Trey Mancini snagged a ball for the last out.

Dusty Baker is a happy man.

Inning-ending double play for the Astros in the ninth brought up the Phillies’ 3-4-5 hitters in the bottom of the inning.

Chas McCormick had other plans, after making a ridiculous grab in center field. To be honest, this was my reaction too.

Game on the line, and OF COURSE Bryce Harper was up.

He got hit by a pitch to bring the winning run to the plate.

The winning run? Nick Castellanos.

The internet’s faith in memes was not enough. The Astros took Game 5 and are one win away from a World Series title.