José Can You See Hou-stawn’s Early Light

Former Sox great José Abreu offered some interesting quotes that one can read between the lines from and gain understanding why he left the South Siders.

First Quote: "I just want to be part of a great family."

One must wonder if this is a reflection of the atmosphere around the Sox as not being such a ‘great family’ over the years. Of course he is too classy to ever say such a thing about the Sox... but if the Sox were in fact such a great family would he not have wanted to end his career in South Side black and white?

What We Can Learn: The Sox had better build up a better 'Family' atmosphere around this team and franchise. He easily saw in Houston something that seems to be lacking on the South Side.

Second Quote: "The last six years I think the Astros have created a great culture, great family here and I want to be a part of that and most importantly I want to win."

What We Can Learn: See Quote #1. Sox are lacking in the Great Culture area. And Abreu has the respect of baseball and the personal presence to make such a statement without sounding like sour grapes. More like he was disappointed with the Sox. And he wants to WIN. Perhaps the Sox might make winning something big part of their strategy going forward?

Third Quote: "I just don’t want to lose the hunger for baseball. I think when I lose the hunger for baseball, that’s a day that I’m just going to go home."

What We Can Learn: With the Sox, Jose WAS losing his hunger for baseball. He wants to find excitement again. The Sox were becoming dead weight during the best years of Jose's career,


‘Houston - We have a problem’(?). Not so much. More like...

Reinsdorf... YOU got problems in your ball club and culture. Big ones.

Yes, we Sox fans already knew that. But now we have an all-time Sox Legend to tell us this in his own quiet way. It would be nice if the Sox organization listened and learned (for a change) from Mr. Abreu.

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