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It’s Election Day!

We are pausing content on-site today in hopes that you will be sure to do your civic duty

Chicago White Sox v. Oakland Athletics
Right on, TA.
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The cynical among you might call it hyperbole, but if you want to continue to vote in national elections every two years. you had better make it a priority to drop your ballot in the box today.

Yes, many of you (including myself) have voted by mail or committed to early voting. Well done, we should issue you a chunky stack of SSS Bux (one SSS Buck is worth .0001 U.S. dollars).

If you haven’t, please consider taking time today to making your voice heard. Illinois by all appearances has not engaged in some of the more odiferous ballot-suppression measures. However, we have a number of writers in states like Indiana, Wisconsin, Texas, South Carolina, Kentucky and Florida, where measures are being taken, in plain sight, to erase voices from the national conversation.

Most of us have strong feelings one way or the other, as our politics has gotten increasingly polarized. However, all of should unite in support of giving every American a voice on Election Day. And depending on some of the outcomes today, voting in the future could turn increasingly difficult.

Do the right thing. Make your voice heard.

Don’t know where to go?

And don’t use the excuse that you’re not registered:

We’ll be back late tonight or tomorrow morning with the usual flurry of stories to get you through your day.