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First it’s Mother’s Day flowers and brunch — then fetch this bobblehead.
Chicago White Sox

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White Sox release 2023 promotional schedule

Hey everyone, don’t mind the tire-fire roster, here’s FREE STUFF!

The Winter Meetings are just around the corner, but don’t worry. The Chicago White Sox know precisely what their fans want to hear about: THE 2023 PROMOTIONAL SCHEDULE!

Because, honestly, if we as fans are going to have to crawl out from beneath the crushing weight of our disappointment to get to the ballpark and see a game, it’s only fair that we should also get some free stuff.

Let’s see what these folks have come up with.

April 3: Magnetic Schedule

It’s so cute that they always highlight the magnetic schedule giveaway, even though all of us already know they’ll give you a magnetic schedule during that first homestand of the year. I applaud the commitment.

April 15: 1993 American League West Division Champs Crewneck

Yeah, these are sick as hell. I’m going to want one of these.

April 29: White Sox Hockey Jersey

I think I prefer last year’s design more, but I know my mom will still make me go to the game with her to get this.

May 13: Eloy Jiménez “Hi Mom” Talking Bobblehead

Okay, first of all — it TALKS?!

Second of all, this is a super cute giveaway for Mother’s Day weekend. I will speak on behalf of all the White Sox moms out there: We want this bobblehead.

And you will get them for us.

And there will be flowers.

And brunch.

June 3: White Sox Bucket Hat

I have to be honest: I don’t love these. It’s giving … Bill Murray vibes.

June 10: White Sox Hawaiian Shirt

Oh my god, you’re going to wear this with the bucket hats, aren’t you?

June 24: White Sox Basketball Jersey

Do you think that they did this just so that Yasmani Grandal could have some more options for warmups?

July 8: Luis Robert Bobblehead

Picture this: It’s a perfect summer weekend in Chicago, the St. Lous Cardinals are in town, AND it’s Luis Robert Bobblehead Day. That’s a pretty big stack of pancakes, folks. Fans are going to be camped out at Gate 5 the night before. This is going to be a great day at the ballpark.

August 12: White Sox Football Jersey


September 2: Los White Sox Soccer Jersey

Um ... football.

September 16: Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day

Dear God, it’s beautiful.

I try never to miss Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day at the ballpark. The giveaways are always fantastic, and I can boast about my Irish descent by showing everyone around me that I know the words to Wild Rover.

The 2023 schedule also features the standard theme nights like Friday Fireworks Nights and Family Sundays. The Blue Jays are in town for the Fourth of July Fireworks. Hispanic Heritage Night is September 30, and Fan Appreciation Day is October 1.

And of course, this is just the initial list of promotions; the White Sox will be adding many more in the weeks to come.

But no matter, here’s to hoping there will be more reason to visit the ballpark in 2023 than just the promotional schedule.

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