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Rebranding the White Sox, Vol. 4

Chicago White Sox baseball, hold your head up high.

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Rebranding the White Sox, Volume 4

All right, you got me.

A bag of Hanes brand white socks isn’t REALLY a logo.

I get that.

I do appreciate you bearing with me while I wallowed in the throes our current baseball-deprived, capitalistic hellscape.

But, it’s a new week!

While there may not be any more hope on the CBA and baseball front, we can certainly numb ourselves with some White Sox logo discourse.

Here we go!

RtWS #4:

Rebranding the White Sox logo #4
Chicago White Sox baseball is an institution.

This week’s design was a bit of a tour de force of the first few logos I put together.

Moving away from the jagged text to the clean lines of a circular logo makes things feel a bit more modern overall.

I was also able to pull a little from the team’s history with a take on the classic white stocking/sock that has shown up here and there in alternate logos on the team’s sleeves. The look of the logo really gave me feeling of those ’93/’94 black jerseys, but with a modern edge.

I also once again tried to bring the city back to the White Sox and also give a nod to the institution that is Chicago White Sox baseball.

This team is well more than a hundred years old, but doesn’t always carry itself that way. I would like to change that.

Hold your head up high, White Sox organization! You are quite the distinguished individual.

I went back and forth on a simplified version of this logo, and ended up making a couple uniform mock-ups.

Let me know if you are into this kind of thing, and I can try to work that into future designs.

It certainly helps me get a feel for the overall vibe of a logo as I am working.

Early-90’s vibes meets the 21st Century?

Also, just in case you missed it.

Check out our TeePublic shop if you are interested in sporting any of these designs. Brett has been kind enough to get them uploaded about as fast as I finish them.

Here’s the double-socks design!

As always, let me know what you think!