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South Side Sox Podcast 85 — PECOTA projections

Zach Hayes and Brett Ballantini chat about a remarkably sunny take on 2022 from Baseball Prospectus.

Publishing alongside this podcast is Zach Hayes’ 4,000-word take on PECOTA and the 2022 White Sox — and no, it is not a misprint, our favorite projectors tab the South Siders for 94 wins! What ho!

Such a sunny outlook requires explanation, no?

  • Nine seasons PECOTA has pegged the White Sox for fewer wins, eight seasons it predicted more. Overall since 2005, it’s undersold the White Sox by an average of 2 12 wins per year — but man, when it misses, boy howdy
  • Quick WARP (Baseball Prospectus WAR) definitions from Zach, including how it differs from Baseball-Reference and FanGraphs WAR, and how to translate the relatively stingy WARP takes for 2022
  • Yasmani Grandal, SUPERSTAR
  • Why the growth/continued excellence of Liam Hendriks and Aaron Bummer may render $16 million Craig Kimbrel moot
  • In the face of a lukewarm projection for José Abreu, let’s chat on Pito’s Hall of Fame case instead
  • Yes, it is a pivotal year for Luis Robert, and not because we’re reverting back to the roh-bear pronunciation, people
  • Is Lucas Giolito our disappearing ace?
  • Yoán Moncada enjoys a bullish projection, but where is his newfound power going to come from?
  • The dark skies hovering over Andrew Vaughn and Garrett Crochet
  • The almost impossibly-bright take on No. 3-4 starters Dylan Cease and Michael Kopech
  • There’s an elephant in the room, and his name is Rodón — yes, PECOTA’s strong projection for Los makes the White Sox blowing off the QO pre-lockout look even sorrier
  • Consider supporting the fine work of Baseball Prospectus with a subscription. They’re on the White Sox train now!

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