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South Side Sox Podcast 86 — Meet Our New ... labor beat writer?

Kristina Airdo and Brett Ballantini chat about her White Sox fan background — and the latest goings-on in the CBA world.

Hey, it’s one of them fun Meet the Players podcasts, during which you’ll get the inside scoop on Kristina Airdo’s White Sox fandom. But we’d be remiss if not discussing a breakneck week of labor talks, signifying oh so very little.

And who better to discuss those little goings-on than with our de facto labor writer, Kristina herself?

  • Born into one of those “Cubs families” that, if you’re lucky, you assumed was just an urban legend, Kristina escaped that sorry fate. Thanks, grandpa, and thanks, uncle!
  • The delicious dilemma of getting out of school early ... to see a White Sox game
  • Most memorable games, for both Kristina and Brett: World Series Game 1, and one of the Blackout Games
  • Sure, Brett hasn’t seen Kristina’s favorite baseball movie, and pays dearly for it
  • An overview of where labor talks stand, now just a couple of days from officially scrapping the March 31 Opening Day
  • Can we provide any insight as to the utter lack of urgency shown by ownership in these offseason talks?
  • When will we see first games? At the moment, the hope is May 1, the stark reality is late June, and the utter pipe-dream, please-play-on-my-birthday wish is March 4
  • Is the notion that labor discord “kills the game” a bit overwrought?
  • Follow Kristina’s White Sox observations on Twitter @Liddle_Ktina, and if you’re lucky, you may catch her on a weather nerd day

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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