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Rebranding the White Sox, Vol. 2

A fun way to inject some energy, or spitting in the face of god?

Rebranding the White Sox Logo

While most of the feedback for the first edition of this series was fun, positive, and very much in the spirit of the exercise, there was a few readers who were more than a little perturbed by the very thought of trying to replace the White Sox logo.

The first main argument against seems to be that there is no point to the exercise, because the current logo is utter perfection. If you actually read the first edition of RtWS, you would know that I wholly agree.

The second argument revolved around tradition, or some kind of history (as much tradition as can be accumulated by something born in the early 90’s, anyway), to which I can only point again to the long history of the White Sox switching up their logo. Changing the logo is as much part of the heritage of the team than any one particular logo along the way!

My arguments for this entire series is that the 2021 White Sox were particularly fun, and inspired me to inject as much fun as possible into my fandom.

And boy, have I been having fun with this!

I recommend to anyone who still may be offended by my perpetual foolishness, I assure you that irreverence is the furthest thing from my intentions.

With that said, let’s get right back to it with RtWS Logo #2:

RtWS Logo #2
Embracing “Heritage” by drawing on the colors and vibe of the 1930’s White Sox

You wanted us to respect history? You got it!

Obviously, just kidding, but the talk of history and heritage did cause me to pivot from a pretty modern first attempt and draw on some of the past logos utilized by the team throughout the 1930s.

Something about color scheme and the simple bat and ball illustrations brings me instantly into a place of baseball nostalgia. And the lettering was an attempt to tie the past to the modern version of the logo, but feels similarly jumbled to the current Old English SOX logo.

I also felt compelled to bring the “Chicago” back the the White Sox.

The city connect South Side jerseys really resonated because for a lot of Sox fans like myself, the city doesn’t always seem like it belongs to the team. That may be changing in the future.

So, what do you think?

Better or worse that logo #1?

I appreciate all the feedback so far, this whole exercise is that much more fun as a conversation starter.

After this week, I have a ton of ideas flowing, and if the latest in the CBA negotiation news are any indication of the future, there is still plenty of time before we get baseball back.

Until then, I will have to invoke the one and only Hawk Harrelson in recommending that everyone to sit back, relax, and strap it down.

Let’s have some fun.