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Triple-A Expands to 150 Games

The 2022 season almost completely mirrors that of MLB.

Laura Wolff/Charlotte Knights

Just a quick note today on this, as J.J. Cooper of Baseball America brings the news that Triple-A is not only expanding back to its “normal” start date (all of April play was postponed last year, due to pandemic concerns) but adding additional games to the end of September.

Traditionally, all full-season minor league baseball leagues wound up regular seasons at the beginning of September. The changes are being made in order for the Triple-A season to even better align with MLB.

It seems as if the Charlotte Knights slate of games will be their longest ever, as per Cooper’s note above, no minor league team has played as many as 150 games since the International League ran out a 156-game schedule in 1964.

All of the White Sox affiliates otherwise are anticipated to repeat 2021’s weekly schedule, as last year: six-game series in one ballpark, with off-days on Monday.

In the example above, Lehigh Valley will end its season playing home games at PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. While logistically more complicated, might this be an initiative across MLB/Triple-A, where the Knights will come up to Sox Park to finish their season?