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South Side Sox Podcast 87 - A Wake for MLB

A huge group of SSS writers hopping on to discuss the catastrophic turn of CBA events for the day.

Well, you’ve already read the sad story from Kristina Airdo and Brett Ballantini today, detailing the breakdown of labor talks between players and owners that now sees spring training further delayed and the first two series of the regular season cancelled.

Despite the threat of all-mourning, no actual content, Brett betrayed that for this podcast, with a cast of thousands. Here’s a sneak preview:

  • Chrystal O’Keefe’s prediction for the next MLB regular season game? May 2025
  • Does the fact that Jerry Reinsdorf takes such a hawkish stance toward labor embarrass us as Sox fans?
  • Good Vibes Jacki Krestel manages not to cuss — and has the sunniest outlook for next games, in late April
  • We couldn’t get Joe Resis to crack emotionally during the wake, but he is confident he won’t be trying to win #KnightsMath all summer
  • Joe, Tyrone Palmer and Tommy Barbee have seen this play out before, be it 2020 or 1994
  • Have the players, in trying to actually collectively bargain a new agreement, conceded too much already to eventually forge a solid deal?
  • Zach Hayes finally crosses over to the proletariat side and sees ownership dropping the lockout and resuming status quo within the month
  • Delia Ritchie casts a fascinating vision of Reinsdorf enduring A Christmas Carol treatment. Watch out for Bobcat Goldthwait, JR!
  • A.I. Ballantini is no handsomer than real-life Ballantini, hardware fail
  • Airdo can be heard catching up on sleep, somewhere, but no audible snoring

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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