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South Side Sox Podcast 89 — Negotiating With MLB Is Like Arguing With a Child

Kristina Airdo, Jacki Krestel, Zach Hayes, Tommy Barbee, Delia Ritchie and Brett Ballantini chat about more lost games, bad-faith ploys, and a new, insidious turn in CBA talks.

Another week, another two series lost to the lockout. The new wink-wink MLB Opening Day is April 14, and if you believe that date, I’ve got an elephant for you to eat.

Somehow Kristina Airdo, Delia Ritchie, Tommy Barbee, Jacki Krestel, Zach Hayes and Brett Ballantini found plenty to laugh about, as we whistled past MLB 2022’s grave. It’s gallows humor, with cussing. Enjoy.

  • The wisdom of fans demanding players take a deal when ownership has just begun to bargain in good faith ... 15 minutes earlier
  • Or, as Dr. Jacki breaks it down, don’t fall for the love bomb, players. Friggin’ narcissist owners
  • Who said it? “If billionaires weren’t really good at public relations, we’d have cut their heads off already.”
  • The ugly underbelly of adding an International Draft the players don’t want at the very last minute of talks
  • Who said it? “When people are throwing a tantrum, ignore it.”
  • Zach is looking forward to the free-agent frenzy, once this is all over, even if the offers are for the 10 games of so of season that will be left
  • Tommy warns MLB to make a long deal that’s generous to players now, so they can rake in all that sweet-sweet streaming dough that’s coming, with no player oversight
  • Zach’s cat and Delia’s dog join in the mews of pain and howls of protest
  • Stay tuned for Delia’s pop metaphor for these talks, starring Taylor Swift and a cast of villains
  • Universal sublimation to the maven of labor coverage, Kristina. You are helping us all feel more labor pain than we thought possible, Airdo

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