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MLB is back! The basics

Reporting date is March 13, first games a week from now.

SPORTS-BBA-WHITESOX-CESPEDES-TB John J. Kim/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Hey friends, Kristina Airdo will have a full update later, but here are some basics of the new CBA and its ramifications, for now.

  • March 13 is the reporting date for all players.
  • First spring training game action looks to be ~March 17
  • White Sox Opening Day will be April 14, with the home opener April 17
  • A full 162 game season will be played
  • No more Manfred Man on second base or seven-inning doubleheaders
  • Restricted optioning for players, creating better stability with rosters
  • Four teams (Houston, Mets, Yankees, St. Louis) voted against the agreement, as did all eight members of the MLBPA executive council
  • Free agency and all transactions are unfrozen RIGHT NOW, so a frenzy will begin
  • The Rule 5 draft is gone for this season
  • It’s possible that larger bases, shift restrictions and a pitch clock could be in the game as early as 2022; MLB has the controlling vote in rules changes, over a shorter (45 day) time frame

Kristina will have more later, and Brett and the crew will embark on an unprecedented third SSS podcast of the day later on tonight.