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Today in White Sox History: March 11

SI cover subject Cisco Carlos makes a brief splash.


White Sox rookie pitcher Cisco Carlos was part of the cover shot for Sports Illustrated under the headline “The Best Rookies of 1968.”

Unfortunately, Carlos didn’t turn out to be one of them, either in the short term or the long one. In fact, of the five players on the cover only Johnny Bench and Mike Torrez made a name for themselves in the sport.

His only full season as a starter came in 1968, and was notable for his 14 losses (eighth in the AL) and 10 batters hit (sixth).

In two-and-a-half seasons and 62 games with the White Sox, Carlos went 10-17 with a 0.7 bWAR. He would play his last major league game with the Washington Senators in 1970, and be out of pro baseball completely by 1973.