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Sharing Sox Podcast 62 — Post-Lockout Edition

After a little four-month hiatus.

SSS duty geezer (aka geriatric, because he aged so much during the lockout) Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, dive bravely into the post-lockout probability that whatsoever say they will be outdated before the show is even posted, as they lament the signing of Carlos Rodón with the Giants, despair at the likelihood of somehow dumping Craig Kimbrel and his salary off on some brain-dead GM (other than the brain-dead GM who picked up his option), and fear the desperate search for a second baseman, right fielder, and — a duo favorite — backup catcher.

They also, of course, look back at the CBA negotiations, especially an item that went completely unmentioned until the talks were over — the change in schedules for 2023 onward. Said change — playing all 29 other teams, with a big reduction in intra-division contests — is bound to be a detriment to the White Sox record, since they won’t get to play as many AAAL Central games. But it should be a big boon to fans who can go to a game at the GuRF without having to watch the Royals, and might be a benefit come playoff time, because the Sox would have a lot more practice at playing good teams.

And, yes, a little Reinsdorf, Hahn and La Russa bashing gets tossed in there as well — along with compliments to those who comment on SSS stories, who are way, way, smarter and better writers than commenters on other baseball sites ... even one very good baseball site.

And don’t even get Will started on the White Sox Twitter crowd.

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