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South Side Sox Podcast 92 — A ho-hum start to Offseason No. 2

Tommy Barbee, Trooper Galactus, Sam Reeves, Zach Hayes and Brett Ballantini discuss the White Sox deals — or lack thereof — leading into spring training.

The White Sox added another three players to their major league roster, and now $45 million has been spent this offseason without managing to secure a starting pitcher or right fielder. WOO BOY.

Brett Ballantini hosts a roundtable of Trooper Galactus, Zach Hayes, Tommy Barbee and Sam Reeves to discuss the deals made — and the chances of any new ones getting done:

  • Quickie intro: What is Rick Hahn’s offseason grade if This Is It?
  • Joe Kelly gets an overpay, locked in for at least two years, and will not start the season on the active roster due to a lingering nerve issue. At his strongest, he won’t see 50 games.
  • Is Tony La Russa as de facto GM of the White Sox actually a good thing?
  • Josh Harrison, due $7 million to be Leury II, what gives?
  • White Sox Baseball 2022: Throwing Crap Up Against the Wall
  • Is Vince Velasquez “fix ’em” -able? And why is a World Series contender locking VV to the major league roster for $3 million?
  • The elephant in the room: Does Craig Kimbrel get moved ... and ... how?
  • The panel puts a percentage on a likelihood an actual right fielder is added to the roster before Opening Day
  • Right as we have to leave, Adam Eaton breaks in as our special guest

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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