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White Sox revised 2022 schedule is out!

Cancelled K.C. series gets sprinkled throughout the year, Minny opening set gets bumped from season’s start to finish.

Chicago White Sox

It’s official, 162 games squeezed into just shy of the customary six months and change!

The White Sox now open the 2022 season in Detroit, on Friday, April 8, playing three straight 12:10 p.m. games through Sunday. After a day off to affix the bunting, it’s the home opener on Tuesday, April 12, hosting Seattle for three, followed by Tampa for another three.

In what can be described as a lockout-induced throwback, two of the games in Kansas City, originally intended as the home opener for the Royals, are parts of scheduled day-night doubleheaders, on May 17 and August 10. The third postponed game eats up an off-day, on August 22.

As for the White Sox and their opening series intended for March 31-April 3, hosting Minnesota, that has been airlifted to season’s end, October 3-5.

The schedule also sees the All-Star Game bumped from July 12 to 19, and the All-Star break along with it.

The 26 weeks of the season feature 20 off-days, so with the scheduled doubleheaders, the season shifts somewhat normally despite starting eight days later than originally envisioned.

I had the original peek at the 2022 schedule when it was released last summer, and you may click the link to do a before/after of the B.L. (Before Lockout) schedule vs. A.L. However, this delightful Celeste Spaghetti take on the 2022 season is a much more entertaining read. So go take another look.