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South Side Sox Podcast 93 — Meet SoxOptimist!

An optimistic take on the White Sox? Maybe, maybe not. But Brett Ballantini learns a whole lotta fun stuff in getting to know our newest writer.

Welcome the irrepressible SoxOptimist by taking a look at his Meet the Players on site along with this podcast, and learn much, much, much more about him in this de-luxe podcast. A little college hoops, a bit of SoxOptimist White Sox origin story, a touch of 2022 White Sox ... well, just listen, will ya?

  • A brief review of college basketball action, featuring Illinois’ stirring 18-12 win over a team from Tennessee
  • Featured: the only bolo tie featuring a golden horned toad you will likely ever see
  • S.O. crashes a south L.A. men’s baseball league, and thrives in spite of the occasional game time rushing up on a post-punk show hangover? All in a day’s work
  • Yes, the SSS Los Angeles Field Office has grown to three
  • No, a lopsided Crosstown trade late last century did not kill S.O.’s grandmother
  • Should we extol the greatness of Nancy Faust? Why yes, yes we should
  • Sorry, there is additional lamenting of a lost offseason
  • Craig Kimbrel: sleeper agent or legitimate weapon too valuable to pay to leave town?
  • How is the AL Central shaping up for 2022, vs. 2021?
  • Tony La Russa vs. Ricky Renteria
  • And much, much more, in our Longest Podcast Ever. If only we were paid by the minute

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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