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Release the Bobbleheads!

From a homer in the corn to a stolen fly ball and the ever-popular nod to superheroes, the White Sox unveil a bevy of bobbles for the coming season.

The White Sox have positively nailed it with at least a couple of their promotional bobbleheads for 2022, including the TA walk-off in the corn.
Chicago White Sox

As we celebrate the return of baseball, we must also remind ourselves that the return of White Sox bobbleheads is also upon us — and the White Sox have made it worth the wait!

As the White Sox released their upcoming promotional schedule, five bobbleheads stood out, and should stand the test of time in terms of their uniqueness (and the somewhat unsettling features of Captain Konerko) and iconic moments from 2021 (Tim Anderson’s Field of Dreams walk-off).

Chicago White Sox

Getting an opener opportunity instead of his usual closer role, kicking off the bobblehead season is none other than Liam Hendriks, whose bobblehead is presented by Constellation on April 16 versus the Tampa Bay Rays (first 20,000 fans who enter the ballpark). Although disappointed that Hendriks’s bobblehead doesn’t come with an attached speaker and a neverending slew of swear words, we will always have Harold Baines’s “Evidently!” from his Hall of Fame charity bobblehead!

Chicago White Sox

Moving onto May 14, the Tim Anderson Bobblehead (Wintrust) gets time to shine, as his Field of Dreams walk-off home run is commemorated. This is especially fitting, because the game is against the New York Yankees (first 20,000 fans who enter the ballpark).

Chicago White Sox

The most undoubtedly clever and delightful promotion of the year comes on June 25 versus the Baltimore Orioles, with the Eloy Jiménez and Luis Robert dual bobblehead (NBC Sports Chicago) making its one-night debut, as the bobblehead commemorates the famous “stolen” foul ball moment between the two outfielders (first 20,000 who enter the ballpark). It’s a bobblehead that celebrates the stolen moments of team camaraderie and maybe even morale — and perfect timing for the “dog days” of the season.

Chicago White Sox

On July 4 vs. the Minnesota Twins there will be a Paul Konerko Captain America bobblehead. That’s a mouthful, and the bobblehead itself could inspire your inner Marvel fan, but in all honesty, Chris Evans doesn’t have to worry about PK stealing his job anytime soon … no offense, Paulie, we still think you’re the greatest unofficial captain the Sox have ever had! (first 12,000 fans who arrive at the ballpark).

Chicago White Sox

Rounding out the last of the bobbleheads, July 23 against the Cleveland Guardians features the Yasmani Grandal bobblehead (Guaranteed Rate). Sadly, Yaz is not wearing his favorite promotional basketball jersey from last year, so you may want to sharpie on the bobblehead to capture what could’ve been.

All in all, the bobblehead promotions are special, and capture different moments from last season, along with Paul Konerko trying to be Captain America — which is a choice, and definitely a popular one at that.

However, there should be more speaker bobbleheads; my personal vote goes to a Lance Lynn promotional bobblehead that creatively swears at an opposing batter.

We will get there, as soon as 2023!