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Sharing Sox Podcast 63: Spring has sprung, 2022 edition

With a big look at $$$.

With baseball finally back, albeit in a mere spring edition, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, start by claiming a tenuous, even highly dubious, connection to Josh Harrison in his high school days, and then do what is so often instructed: Follow the money.

That’s because the 2022 Forbes baseball team values are just out, with the White Sox listed at $1.76 billion smackers, a lot of green, but less than half the value of That Team on The Other Side of Town ($3.8 B) and barely more than a quarter that of the MLB-leading Yankees ($6 big ones). That puts the Sox 15th, despite being in the third-largest market. Could make you wonder about the business skills of the ownership.

From the huge money, it was on to small money, at least small for baseball, the incredible miserliness of the White Sox offer to Luis Giolito, both before and in arbitration. To try to screw Giolito out of $50,000 (pre) or $200,00 (in arbitration) is so stupid as to boggle minds (yes, Craig Kimbrel gets mentioned). Could make you wonder about the class — even the sanity — of the management.

Back to baseball, the two take a look at spring training so far, both the bad (Kimbrel again) and the good (Micker Adolfo!!), meaningless though all of it may be (except for eliminating the possibility of trading the aforementioned Mr. Kimbrel).

Add in a long discussion of just how the White Sox should deal with the fact the team is absolutely loaded with designated hitters (spoiler — we put Andrew Vaughn on the trading block), and there you have it for the week.

Well, there are also a couple of swipes at the HOFBP, but that hardly needs mentioning.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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