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Today in White Sox History: March 25

Eloy vs. the fence.


Injuries can happen at any time, but needless injuries, in spring training to boot, can take the heart right out of a club and fan base, and completely change the fortunes of a season.

On this day the White Sox announced that Eloy Jiménez, one of the best young sluggers in baseball, would be lost for most of the season because of a ruptured left pectoral tendon. He suffered the injury when getting hung up on the top of the fence trying to catch a ball hit by the A’s Sean Murphy the day before — a ball that wasn’t catchable.

Since getting called up in 2019, Jiménez had been injured multiple times while trying to play left field. His injury was more common in football, and most likely happened on impact when his left arm hit the top of the fence.

After an intensive rehab lasting four months, Eloy returned to the team on July 26, with the hope he wouldn’t hurt himself again moving forward.